American Dunes Patriot Sticker Pack #1

American Dunes Patriot Sticker Pack #1

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Shiny appearance and vibrant colors for an eye-catching sticker.  Laminated polypropylene die cut stickers are manufactured to be both waterproof and scratch-resistant. This means you can stick them to any smooth surface and they will stay beautiful. 

American Dunes Patriot Stickers Pack, includes Six Glossy Die Cut Stickers;

  1. AD Fighter Patch (3.64" W x 4.00" H)
  2. Patriot Bear (4.00" W x 2.26" H)
  3. Patriot Bear Lockup w/ AMERICAN DUNES (5.60" W x 2.00" H)
  4. Patriot Jet (4.00" W x 2.70" H)
  5. Patriot Jet w/ AMERICAN DUNES (5.18" W x 2.00" H)
  6. CAVU Icon (3.75" W x 3.00" H)

Shop with a purpose.  Proudly, 100% of American Dunes annual profit will be given to the Folds of Honor Foundation.  Together, we will honor their sacrifice and educate their legacy.

This item listed on is shared with The Shop at American Dunes Golf Club. Items can become unavailable at the same time an order is placed. We appreciate your understanding in advance, and we are grateful for your support of American Dunes, and what we represent.