Winston Collection "Pardo's Push" Driver Cover

Winston Collection "Pardo's Push" Driver Cover

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Headcover is made from American Leather, featuring a 360* digital print of one of the most heroic maneuvers in aviation history, embroidered "Pardo's Push", and a small American Dunes Fighter Patch logo.  Available for Driver. Winston Collection Headcovers are proudly Made in the USA. 

Pardo's Push was an aviation maneuver carried out by then-Captain (Lt Col USAF Ret) John R. "Bob" Pardo, USAF in order to move his wingman's badly damaged F-4 Phantom II to friendly air space during the Vietnam War.

"On March 10, 1967, the sky was clear for a bombing run, but both F-4 Phantom IIs were hit by anti-aircraft fire. Aman's plane took the worst damage; his fuel tank had been hit, and he quickly lost most of his fuel. Aman and Houghton then determined that they did not have enough fuel to make it to a KC-135 tanker aircraft over Laos.

To avoid having Aman and Houghton bail out over hostile territory, Pardo decided to try pushing the airplane. Pardo first tried pushing the plane using Aman's drag chute compartment, but turbulence interfered.

Pardo then tried to use Aman's tailhook to push the plane. The Phantom, having been originally designed as a naval aircraft for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps, was equipped with a heavy duty tailhook for landings aboard aircraft carriers and for emergency arrestments ashore. Aman lowered his tailhook and Pardo moved behind Aman until the tailhook was against Pardo's windscreen. Aman then shut down both of his J79 jet engines. The push worked, reducing the rate of descent considerably, but the tailhook slipped off the windscreen every 15 to 30 seconds, and each time Pardo had to reposition his plane to do it again. Pardo also struggled with a fire in one of his own engines and eventually had to shut it down. In the remaining 10 minutes of flight time, Pardo used the one last engine to slow the descent of both planes.

With Pardo's plane running out of fuel after pushing Aman's plane almost 88 miles, the planes reached Laotian airspace at an altitude of 6,000 feet (1,800 m). This left them about two minutes of flying time.  The pilots and their weapons systems officers ejected, evaded capture, and were picked up by rescue helicopters.

Pardo was initially reprimanded for not saving his own aircraft. However, in 1989, the military re-examined the case and awarded both Pardo and Wayne the Silver Star for the maneuver, two decades after the incident".

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